Welcome to NWACC - Washington County Welcome to NWACC - Washington County


The staff of NWACC - Washington County would like to extend our warmest greetings to all of the Faculty joining us at our new location! To help make the information contained in this portal/community easier to find, it is divided up into the following sections:

Home / General Information

Faculty Workrooms & Breakroom

Classroom Information

Additional Information & Resources

Please review the information contained in each section carefully because it will answer many of your questions.

Published Hours Published Hours


NWACC – Washington County – Spring 2022 Hours

Effective January 4, 2022

Monday - Thursday: 7:00AM - 10:00PM

Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


* All hours are subject to change.

Table of Contents Table of Contents


Physical & Mailing Address

Information Commons


Public Safety Information

Student Services Information


Weather & Other Alerts

Physical & Mailing Address Physical & Mailing Address


NWACC Washington County Physical Address:

  • 6101 Watkins Avenue
  • Springdale, AR 72762


NWACC Mailing Address:

  • One College Drive
  • Bentonville, AR 72712

Information Commons Information Commons



  • Spring 2022 Hours
  • Monday - Thursday: 7:00AM-10:00PM*
  • Friday: 7:00AM - 4:30PM*
  • Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED
  • *NOTE: Scheduled hours are subject to change


  • Problems or Questions?
  • Website: library.nwacc.edu 
  • Email: library@nwacc.edu 
  • Call: 479-619-4244
  • Text: 479-802-0570
  • You can also click Ask Us! on the Library homepage to live chat with a Librarian.


  • Adding PaperCut Funds
  • Students may add funds to Papercut at anytime at the papercut.nwacc.edu website with debit or credit cards.
  • Web Printing with PaperCut
  • - Log into papercut.nwacc.edu using MyNWACC username and password
  • - Click on Web Print
  • - Click on Submit a Job
  • - Choose the printer WC Student Copiers
  • - Select the desired number of copies, upload a pdf, or ms word, excel or powerpoint file, and click Complete. Then go to either copier, login with my NWACC username and password, and release your print job. 
  • Checking Out Library Equipment & Materials
  • Library equipment and materials check out will be in Bentonville. For more information about checking out library equipment or materials such as laptops, books, wi-fi hotspots and more, please view the library's webpage for more information.
  • Respondus & Webcams
  • All computers in the Information Commons have Respondus installed. There are also computers with webcams.


Parking Parking

  • Parking for Spring 2022

All NWACC employees and students parking at NWACC locations are required to have a 2021/2022 hangtag for their vehicles. Parking hangtags are available for students and employees to pick up. 

  • At Washington County, students can pick up their hangtags from either of the following: 
  •           - Lobby Desk (Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm)
  •           - Department of Public Safety station 
  • At Washington County, faculty/ftaff can pick up their hangtags from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) station. 

NOTE: You will be required to show an NWACC student or employee ID to obtain a new hangtag. If you do not have an employee or student ID or need a replacement, stop at the Lobby Desk from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

For more details on obtaining a student or employee ID or hangtags, please visit the NWACC parking webpage





Public Safety Information Public Safety Information


NWACC Public Safety is available onsite when the building is open. Their office is located in the first floor lobby (WCC 128).

If an emergency arises please notify Public Safety by calling (479)619-4229 or 9-1-1.  

Emergency Reporting and General Information

Please visit the NWACC safety and security web page to learn more about communications systems in place and apps that you are encouraged to download so you are aware of severe weather and emergency events.  




Student Services Student Services

  • Spring 2022
  • NWACC offers Student Services such as:
  • - Enrollment Services
  • - Academic Advising
  • - Admissions Assistance
  • - Financial Aid
  • - Treasurer Services
  • - Career & Counseling Services
  • How to Connect Remotely / Virtually:
  • Enrollment Services & Advising: Join our virtual line at www.nwacc.edu/qless or sign-in at the kiosk in the lobby.
  • Text Services: 479-309-5532
  • Call Services: 479-986-4000
  • Email: EnrollmentSupport@nwacc.edu
  • Please visit www.nwacc.edu for more information about Student Services. 


  • Payments / Payment Plans
  • - Email: Cashier@nwacc.edu
  • - Phone: 479-986-4000, option 2
  • How to Submit a Student Document or Payment:
  • Student Documents:
  •      - Electronic Drop Box - Documents may be uploaded to the electronic Drop Box by visiting www.nwacc.edu/submitdocs
  •      - Physical Drop Box - Student documents can also be placed in the Drop Box located in from of the building. *
  • Payments:
  •       - Payments may be placed in the physical Drop Box located across from the Information Commons. *
  • * Student Documents and Payments submitted to the physical Drop Boxes need to be placed in an envelop with the student's name, phone number, and ID number. 

Tutoring Tutoring


Spring 2022

  • Tutoring Center
  • Online tutoring (via chat) is available through Brainfuse, found on MyNWACC under Resources and Online Tutoring. 


Brainfuse gives you access to free online tutorials and study guides, and the ability to chat live with a tutor. Please visit https://www.nwacc.edu/studentsuccess/tutoring.aspx for more information. 

Weather & Other Alerts Weather & Other Alerts

  • Everbridge Mass Notification
  • What is it?  Everbridge Mass Notification enables users in Springdale to receive notifications to individuals or groups via text message or voice message. This comprehensive notification system keeps everyone informed before, during and after all events whether emergency or non-emergency.

    Why should I sign up?  Everbridge will tell you what to do and how to stay informed in emergency situations occurring in and around the Washington County campus location(s) in Springdale.

    How do I sign up?  Visit http://www.springdalear.gov/425/Sign-Up-for-Alert-Notifications from your smart phone or computer and click the "here" link to sign up for alert notifications and download this free app.  

    Helpful hints:

    •     - Control how many alerts you get by choosing as many or as few alerts as you wish.
    •     - Sign up for multiple locations (example, your home location, work location and NWACC Washington County.
    •     - In addition to your cell phone, you can select to receive notifications on your home phone (voice call) or by e-mail.
    •     - Update your selections at any time if you would like to receive fewer or more notifications.


NWACC encourages all members of our campus community to enroll in NWACC's FREE BL Alert text message notification system and to download the FREE LiveSafe smartphone application. In case of an emergency or a sever weather threat to campus, we want to be able to contact you. We cannot alert you if we cannot reach you! Please see below for download instructions and additional information, or reach out to the Department of Risk Management for any inquiries or assistance at 479-936-5173 or prc@nwacc.edu

BC Alert

What is it?  A text messaging service that NWACC adn Benton County Emergency Management officials will use to contact you in case of widespread emergencies, severe weather events, weather-related cancellations, and in other situations where quick communications are important. 

Why should I sign up?  BCAlert will tell you what to do and how to stay informed in emergency situations occurring in and around our Benton County locations. 

How di I sign up?  Visit www.bcalert.com from your smart phone or computer, click "Sign Up Now!", and follow the on screen prompts. The process takes about five minutes to complete. Be sure to select NWACC when signing up. 

Helpful Hints:

  •     - Control how many alerts you get by choosing as many or as few alerts as you wish. 
  •     - Sign up for multiple locations (example, your home locations, work location, and NWACC).
  •     - In addition to you cell phone, you can select to receive notifications on your home phone (via voice call) or by e-mail. 
  •     - Update your selections at any time if you find you would like to receive fewer or more notifications. 



What is it? A smartphone app that allows you to receive emergency alerts from NWACCC when you are in close proximity to campus. You can also use LiveSafe to report concerns and call/message the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for help.

Why should I sign up?  LiveSafe allows you to easily and discretely contact DPS, and it will help keep you informed in emergency situations if you are near campus. 

How do I sign up? To download the free LiveSafe smartphone app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play. Simply search for LiveSafe and follow the onscreen prompts. 

  • Helpful Hints:
  •     - Make sure you enable push notifications on your smartphone when installing the app. This will ensure notifications reach you promptly. Don't worry! You will not receive excessive messages or spam. 
  •     - To ensure you always have the best user experience with LiveSafe and receive all notifications, please make sure you always keep the app updated to the latest version. 

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